Sony X70 ISO/dB tests

Last week we got our new level 1 camera’s, The Sony X70. We have not shot anything with them yet but initial impressions are good. Alot of features and great specs for a camera in this price range, the ergonomics and layout of the buttons is not the best but is good enough for level 1 students. Sony does not state the iso of this camera meaning that is must be pretty low. We tested it to find out.

Native ISO of the Sony X70 at 0dB is about 125.

We explored this further to find out iso-dB equivalents. They are:

-3dB=100 iso

0dB=125 iso

3dB=200 iso

6dB=250 iso

9dB=400 iso

12dB=500 iso

15dB=800 iso

18dB=1000 iso

21dB=1600 iso

24dB=2000 iso

27dB=3200 iso

30dB=4000 iso

MAX 33dB=6400 iso

We also looked at acceptable noise levels on a iKan monitor. The noise was very clean up to about 18dB and it was usable to 21-24dB. We will test again with a better monitor to see if those numbers are actually clean.

Equipment used in this test

Sony PXW-X70

Ikan VX17 Monitor

Fotokem gray card

datacolor SpyderCheckr

One thought on “Sony X70 ISO/dB tests

  1. Thanks!! I like my Sony X70. But the specs in the owner’s manual – and the Sony support website – didn’t provide this information.

    Just what I needed!

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