Why do you need TVW?

You think that your promotional videos, commercials or short films are bland and dreary? They lack a sleek and polished look. You want them to bring you more attention, more business, more revenue. But, they don't. You want them to look like you shot them with a Hollywood crew. But, they don't even look good. There's still something missing.

Your script is great and the performances are equally great, each word on the page is coming to life in a meaningful and emotional way that gets attention, hooks your audience and holds them to the end. But, you still need your video or film to look more professional. A professional knows that visual experience is 80% of the effect that your video or film has on your audience. 10% is from music and the other 10% from dialogue. Their visual experience is what causes them to act, or not to act; react and respond the way you want them to, or not. You know you need to make your video or film look better to get a better response, but you don't know how to do that.

A poorly lit film can diminish your audience's experience, and deprive them and you of the rewards that would follow. And, you know you don't want that. You need to tell your story in the proper light. And, to do that, you need proper lighting. But, what is the proper lighting for your unique story?

You might not know that all light has color, quality, and intensity. For you to make every frame look good, you must understand each of these characteristics of light and how they effect your image. When you understand light, you can shoot beautiful, story-specific images. And, that's when your message becomes effective. Remember, if you don't know how these things work, you're not alone. Most people don't. Telling your story through proper lighting takes years to master. And, you are already wearing too many hats.

You need a professional lighting technician. You need a lighting technician with over 5 years experience shooting short films and multi-genré videos, including comedy, drama, music, and even corporate promotional videos. I'm that lighting technician. I can double or triple your production value by effectively lighting your unique story. I can help you deliver your message to your audience through a meaningful visual experience that causes them to respond the way that you want. Call me today, It’s your call to make. It's your story to tell.


Promotional/Commercial lighting. Narrative/short film lighting. Event lighting. Equipment maintenance and repair. Custom cables.


Event lighting to full production. We have you covered.


Broken Lens? Faulty Light? Wobbly table? We can fix it!


Need a 17" BNC or PTap to Hirose? We can build it FAST!