Dance Showcase Lighting

December 2014, SFCC Dance Showcase.

We got a call a couple weeks ago from one of the dance teachers asking us if we could light their end of year showcase. Otherwise they were just stuck with house lighting. Yuck! I gladly accepted the challenge because it would be a new and fun lighting setup. Heres what we did:

We had to light up a 20×25 ft dance floor. Since it was a winter(ish) showcase I wanted to use all cool blue tones to give the winter feeling. I originally was going to go with all 1k par cans and source fours but the power in the space was very limited. I used 2k daylight LED from Mole Richardson as backlight. One had peacock blue in it and the other had double CTB These created a strong blue green backlight.

View the Spectral Energy Distribution Curve Supergel #73: Peacock Blue 
Good for fantasy, moonlight and water effects. (Transmission = 28%).

On each side of the dance floor I used a source four. One with a 26º lens was about 30’ away and had a type of light purple in it. The other one had a 36º lens at about 25’ back with full plus half CTB. These both crated a pool about 15’ wide. As a front key light I used two 4’x4bank kino flo’s with daylight globes. One one each side of the stage about 25’ apart. I wasn’t sure if they would have enough punch to cover the stage area and also light up the dancers but I wanted the dancers to be more side lit from the lekos anyway. The kinos worked out beautifully. They were a subtle fill that covered the stage evenly. This allowed the lekos to bring out the shapes of the dancers and the backlights to make them glow. I was very happy with the way this turned out and will use this setup again.

Dance Light 1 Dance Light 2 Dance Light 3 Dance Light 4

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